Used 2017 John Deere 8600

Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters in Lime Springs, IA

Lime Springs


  • Category

    Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

  • Manufacturer

    John Deere

  • Model


  • Model Year


  • Operation Hours


  • Stock Number


  • Serial Number


  • Cutter Head Hours

    1354 hrs

  • Status

    On Lot


2017 JOHN DEERE 8600 FORAGE HARVESTER, Kernel Processor, PRWD, Premium Air Seat, Power Adjust & Heated Mirrors, Premium LED Lighting, Premium Radio with Bluetooth, 2.5 Gal Water Fire Extinguisher, Auto Trac Ready, Pro-Drive 40k Transmission, 4WD Rear Axle, Advanced Header Control, Auto PTO Coupler for Header, Heavy Duty Duraline KP, 40 Knife Cutterhead with Hardfaced Knife Holders, Duraline Shear Bar, Grass Knives, High Arch Spout, Auto Spout, Leather Steering Wheel, Refrigerator, Rear Wiper with Washer, Premium LED Service Lights, Premium LED Work Lights, Harvest Lab 3000 with Constituents Sensing, Stone Detection, Electric Adjust KP Roll Gap, KP Crane, Dual Header Drive, Heavy Duty Header Drive, Pro Touch, Engine Block Heater with Ether Starting Aid, Air Compressor Package, Chrome Exhaust Pipe, Additive Tank and Dosing System, Feedroll Sealing Kit, IF650/60 R34 Rear Michelin Axiobib Tires, IF800/70 R38 Front Michelin Tires, Auto Luber

Key Features

  • Kernel Processor


  • Axle


  • Premium Air Seat

  • Power Adjust & Heated Mirrors

  • Premium LED Lighting

  • Premium Radio with Bluetooth

  • 2.5 Gal Water Fire Extinguisher

  • AutoTrac Ready

  • Pro-Drive 40k Transmission

  • 4WD Rear Axle

  • Advanced Header Control

  • Auto PTO Coupler for Header

  • Heavy Duty Duraline KP

  • 40 Knife Cutterhead with Hardfaced Knife Holders

  • Duraline Shear Bar

  • Grass Knives

  • High Arch Spout

  • Auto Spout

  • Leather Steering Wheel

  • Refrigerator

  • Rear Wiper with Washer

  • Premium LED Service Lights

  • Premium LED Work Lights

  • Harvest Lab 3000 with Constituents Sensing

  • Stone Detection

  • Electric Adjust KP Roll Gap

  • KP Crane

  • Dual Header Drive

  • Heavy Duty Header Drive

  • Pro Touch

  • Engine Block Heater with Either Starting Aid

  • Air Compressor Package

  • Chrome Exhaust Pipe

  • Additive Tank and Dosing System

  • Feedroll Sealing Kit

  • IF650/60 R34 Rear Michelin Axiobib Tires

  • IF800/70 R38 Front Michelin Tires

  • Auto Luber

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