Mid-Size Crossover

Mid-Size Gator™ Utility Vehicles

Available in E and M models, John Deere Gator™ utility vehicles in the mid-size and crossover category offer speeds that from 28 – 45+ mph. These powerful utility vehicles are designed to be more compact for managing narrower spaces and easier transport. Whether you rely on your Gator™ for work or play, you’ll find these crossovers have been designed to be even more comfortable with a fully independent suspension and easy to operate controls. These mid-size Gator™ UTVs come in both two and four passenger side-by-side configurations, with respective payload capacities of 900 and 1200 lb., depending on the configuration and number of riders, as well as remarkable sealed storage capabilities. There are a generous number of attachments and options available for these crossover UTVs. Explore available models below or, to visit our showroom and schedule a test drive, click on the link to find your nearest Bodensteiner dealership.

equipment 1
XUV560E Crossover Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $12,999.00
equipment 2
XUV560E S4 Crossover Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $14,999.00
equipment 3
XUV590E Crossover Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $14,999.00
equipment 4
XUV590M Crossover Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $15,999.00
equipment 5
XUV590M S4 Crossover Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $17,999.00