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Why the John Deere Operations Center:

  • John Deere Operation Center is the new agronomic data platform going forward as a replacement for Apex.
  • Currently data documented through Gen 4 displays (Model Year 2015 and newer machines) are only able to be uploaded to the John Deere Operations Center, not Apex
  • Apex is not supported on new Windows Operating systems (i.e. Windows 10)
  • John Deere Operations Center is web-based (cloud based) so data loss is not a risk due to a computer hard drive malfunction
    •  All software updates are installed and supported by John Deere
    • Since the John Deere Operations Center is web-based, information can be easily shared with trusted advisors (agronomists, seed representatives, etc) at the producers discretion.
      • This eliminates the need to print maps or download data, etc to communicate field information with advisors.
  • Active JDLink enabled equipment is able to send wireless data transfer of all as applied (seeding, application, harvest) information to the John Deere Operations Center
    • John Deere Operation Center provides integrated connection to mobile equipment apps such as SeedStarMobile, HarvestMobile and soon to be released SprayMobile.
  • Producers find the navigation of the John Deere Operation Center site to be much easier than Apex for generation of maps and field or product information.
  • Historical Apex data can be easily uploaded to the John Deere Operation Center

How to access MyJohnDeere and the John Deere Operatons Center:

  • Type into your web browser
  • Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” in the lower left
  • Follow the steps to create a username, enter and address, phone number and email address
  • An email will be sent to you from MyJohnDeere asking you to VALIDATE ACCOUNT
  • Click on the yellow VALIDATE ACCOUNT box in your confirmation email
  • Create a password and challenge question
  • You will now be automatically logged into MyJohnDeere
  • Click on the OPERATIONS CENTER icon
  • Create a organization name
  • You will have successfully setup your MyJohnDeere and John Deere Operations Center Account