Precision Ag Hotline

Bodensteiner's customer service has and always will be our top priority. That is why we continue to search for new and innovative ways to provide the best experience possible for our customers.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Precision Ag Support Hotline, a dedicated support tool that allows you to call or text our hotline phone number or open and track support tickets with the free mobile app.

When you call our hotline number, you will ring members of our Bodensteiner IS team assigned to the hotline for that day.  This both improves the odds of connecting with a live expert the first time you call and helps our team better track your requests so that we never miss an opportunity to provide superior customer service. And, once connected, we will also be able to invite you into a live video session from a simple text message. You can also text these hotline numbers for support and one of our team members will respond!

No need to play phone tag with an individual cell phone number or leave a message and wait for only one person to call you back. With the new direct hotline, your odds of connecting with someone the first time you call is much higher. If you do have to leave a voicemail, the entire team will see your message so someone can easily follow-up. When you call after-hours, you will be asked to leave a message and one of our experts will return your call at their earliest availability. 

Below is the new number for Bodensteiner's Precision Ag Support Hotline. Please save to your phone contacts and call or text for support.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to request support from our team, please give us a call and we’d be happy to tell you more!

Please be advised that charges will apply to all calls to this hotline. 

Hotline - Precision Ag