Parts Run to Wisconsin During Lansing Bridge Closure

Due to the Lansing bridge closure, Bodensteiner Implement in Waukon will start a Parts Run to Wisconsin next week and will continue until the bridge reopens.  We have details to work out, but plan to start with 3 days a week and move to every day if needed.  We will drop parts in Ferryville, DeSoto, and Red Mound and may add stops as the need arises.  We ask that all parts orders be paid with a Credit Card or JDF over the phone at the time they are ordered.  No delivery fee will be charged.  Delivery van will leave the Waukon store at 1:00 pm which allows us to get parts from other stores before departure.  We will communicate any changes through Facebook and email.  We appreciate your business and want to help alleviate some of the inconvenience created with the bridge closure.  We hope to continue to serve your needs the best way we possibly can. Thank you.